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Comunità della Val di Sole (lead partner) is a public body, located in the Autonomous Province of Trento in the north of Italy and that have under territorial managing authority 13 municipalities and 15.000 residents. In the area there is the Noce River, one of the best spots in the Alps for water sports. The involvement in the project will be made through the Rete di Reserve Alto Noce office, a managing authority of Natura 2000 sites and protected areas. Thematic competences and relevant experiences for the project are mainly based on the innovative and integrated managing approach of local Natural Heritage valorisation. The Rete di Riserve Alto Noce mainly works on active conservation action and on balanced solution between environmental necessities and economic development of rural areas. Rete di Riserve Alto Noce communication and sensibilisations activities are strictly connected with the development and implementation of sustainable outdoor sport offers practiced in natural areas.


Kajak Kanu klub "Rastocki mlinari" is a rafting and kayak club from Slunj, Croatia. The goal of the club is to promote the whitewater sports and encourage and train people who would like to participate in it. Men and women team are competing on national and international level. The club is cooperating in various activities with other sports teams from the town Slunj. The club organises or participates in all local actions for protecting the environment, cleaning the garbage from inside the rivers or from it's banks and surrounding areas.


Rafting Club "Gimpex Straza" is a rafting club from Slovenia, founded in 1990. The same year the club contributed to establish the Rafting Association of Slovenia and it is now one of the strongest members.
In these years, the club have worked on water sport and created the reputation of one of the most powerful sports and recreational clubs in Europe in the field of boating in wild waters. Men and women team are competing on national and international level: current European U19 champions in sprint and dueling and current World Champions U23 in the descent. Many activities are realized for citizens and tourists (about 1500 people each year). The club already develop some activities linked with water specificities in the region: dams, old mils, saws, waterfalls,...

Federazione Italiana Rating (FiRaft), the Italian Rafting Federation is recognized by the Italian Olympic Committee; founded in 1987 as an Association organizes and represents for more than 30 years the activity of Rafting in Italy, both for sport professional and recreational activities for the citizens, teachers and schools. FIRaft has organized European and world rafting championships. FIRaft's strengths are the training of its guides and the dual career of athletes (from canoe to rafting guides). Firaft is active in partnerships for river defense and redevelopment. FiRaft has its own press office for the care and dissemination of activities and initiatives through traditional communication channels and social networks. In January 2018 FIRaft promoted the foundation of the World Rafting Federation with other partners.

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