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Be Water Project

An European project that aims to enhance and use aquatic outdoor sports as a means of environmental education and awareness

Rafting and canoe-Kayak are outdoor sports practiced on water (mainly river). They are aquatic navigation sports, which are dependent on nature and the quality of the aquatic environment. They are sports which implies a close relationship between people and the aquatic environment, requiring intimate involvement with the natural elements. In this sense, it is an ideal way of getting to know and respect nature.

Be Water, is an European (co-financed by the Erasmus + programme) project that aims to enhance and "use" aquatic outdoor sports as a means of environmental education and awareness. The activities realized through the project will help people focus on the fact that outdoor sports should be "good for me and my health but also for the planet". They will be educated to be respectful when they practice water sport (education in sport) and develop better environment and sustainable behaviour (education through sport).

The Be Water project has three main pillars:

  1. Educate local stakeholders and tourists on how to practice outdoor sports in a sustainable way and at the same time sensibilize on environmental issues through outdoor sports.
  2. Promote sustainable water sport activities and open-air activities among citizens, based on EU Guidelines on Physical Activity and IOC Guide to Sport, Environment and Sustainable development among citizens and turist inside and outside the project network.
  3. Enhance the mutual learning, exchange of know-how, visions, and good practices among partners in the pilot areas.

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Be Water Project
Be Water Project
(photo by Rete di Riserve Alto Noce)
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